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Formely, the town of Rampura Phul was in the Barnala District of PEPSU. But in 1954, it was transferred to the Bathinda District. These arethe twin towns Rampura and Phul, part of the town was founded by Phul, the ancester of the Phulkian family, in 1770 B.K.(A.D. 1827). Rampura founded by Rama, the son of Phul. These towns are now called Rampura Phul. Phul was earlier a part of the Nabha State. It was regularly built and divided into 8 agwars. Its wall is octagonal, studded with pakka gate ways. The fortatPhul was constructed byChaudhriPhul. Even in 1904, there existed a Vernacular Middle School at Phul. The town had, at that time, a garden too.

Chaudhuri Mohan, of Mehraj, younger son of Chaudhuri Pakhu [Pukko], educ. privately. Confirmed as Chaudhruri in succession to his father, but fell into arrears and fled to his relatives in Hansi and Hissar. Collected a large force, returned and defeated the Bhattis, near Bedowli. Founded Mehraj in honour of his great-grandfather, on the advice of the sixth Guru, Har Govind. m. two wives. He was k. with his sons, fighting the Bhattis, at Bedowli, 1618, having had issue, six sons:

Chaudhuri Phul, of Phul. b. 17th April 1603, educ. by Samerpuri. Founded the village of Phul, 1627. m. (first) Bali Kaur, daughter of Jassa Singh, zamindar of Dilami, in Nabha. m. (second) Raji Kaur, daughter of Dadu, of Sidhana. He was k. (accidentally burned on a pyre while feigning sleep), at Phul, 29th July 1652, having had issue, seven sons and at least one daughter (founder of the Phulkian family):

Chaudhuri Rama Phulka [Ram Chand]. b. at Phul, ca. 1764 (s/o Bali), educ. privately. Founded Rampur after his expulsion from Bhadaur, ca. 1708. m. Sadarni Sabi Kaur, daughter of Nanu Singh Bhutta, of Ghunas. He was k. at Gumati, by the sons of Chain Singh, at Malerkotla, 1714, having had issue, six sons:

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Railway Station

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The Railway station of rampuraphul with the foot bridge joining patiala mandi and nabha mandi as two were under the erstwhile constituencies of patiala and nabha pre independence.The railway line was the border of the two constituencies(riyaasats).This foot bridge was manfactured in Lahore in 1918 and carries a stamp on it .this is the eastern side of the railway station that is well connected to patiala

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